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About Costech

In 1994, Costech began with the vision of producing software that would help individuals and companies to be more efficient in their daily activities. 1994, the company moved its focus to “elearning” as it was apparent that the age of technology was born. The vision was that not only would many rely on the internet for a vast amount of the world’s functions but to education as well. However, even though the internet was capable and ready, the “vehicles” were not accessible or affordable—the home and school computers.

In 1998, Costech developed a “land-based system” in the area of driver education which was tested and used in two of North Carolinas largest school districts. Later on, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School’s driver education coordinator requested administrative functions to be added to assist with monthly reporting and tracking of students, which had been very difficult due to funding restraints. Today, this system has an array of functions; from registration to certificate issuance, from assessments of teacher effectiveness to inventory of capital equipment, and timesheets and payroll.

Many of those functions have found their way into small and major corporations in the U. S. and other countries.

From there, the blended delivery of an online curriculum is being piloted in South Carolina and has made stops in Georgia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania in the form of self-paced programs. Affiliates there have enjoyed the assistance in delivering the classroom learning to the most remote areas of their respective states.

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